imageAt Therapeutic Bodyworks, we care to offer the best quality care possible. We strive to venture with you in a safe environment to connect  with your innate intelligence present in mind, body, and spirit.  Our mission with touch is to be "like a flashlight" pointing to this intelligence with patience, bodywork, breath, and balance and letting the body do what it can. Dawn Palmer

This is an invitation to you for you to take time to address and hopefully alleviate discomfort via support, purposeful self insight, repatterning in breath, thought,  and movement. Gentle improvements in holistic self care may aid quality health. Awareness is a life long learning process. Cellular health is important.

The key is movement, breath, and getting help even before it is needed.

The now, present time is the best time to call and schedule.

You will find our staff helpful, knowledgeable, willing, and courteous.

We are located at Adirondack Family Chiropractic, 148 Margaret Street in Plattsburgh, New York on beautiful Lake Champlain.

Massage therapy is recognised as a complementary method of care. When it is combined with mainstream medicine it is called "integrative"therapy. Other complementary methods like aromatherapy, biofeedback,meditation,taichi,or yoga may help with symptoms and improve quality of life. Some cancer treatment centers offer onsite complementary integrative therapies. some insurance companies are beginning to cover complementary care. Blue Cross and Medicare and other major insurance companies are beginning to cover.  Chiropractic and acupunture  therapy are the services most likely covered. Check your policies. For information: /treatments/side effects/comlementary and alternative from the American Cancer Society has guidelines for using Complementary and Alternative methods.

PLEASE NOTE: This site does not and can not offer allopathic medical advice, or medical diagnosis. Referral to your health care provider is recommended.

Please note : Bodywork of any type, be it conscious breathing, walking, yoga, chiropractic, massage, shiatsu, taichi, etc. can complement and can help build on itself and contribute to your gains. We are all energy and the body strives to be in balance. Energy benefits you by being able to flow in a mind, body, spirit connection. What we think, eat and do ,contribute to who we are becoming. It takes time and self commitment to unfold into more of who we want to become.

Massage can be a part of staying healthy. Include it in your preventative health care like brushing your teeth,  or having regular medical care. Please ask your physician about this if you have any other questions.

A person can have a massage without a medical prescription. If under medical care, it is in the best interest to have communication with healthcare providers.